One day at a time is sometimes too much…

Instead of focusing on an entire day, try a moment. All we’re truly promised is the present moment. The past is exactly that and the future isn’t promised. We have to learn how to take advantage of each moment and stop letting circumstances control us. We let the racing of our thoughts consume us and steal the beauty of the present moment.  Slow down, look around and be grateful. No matter how overwhelming life can get, there is always so much to be thankful for. For example, the air we breathe or the sights we can see.

I am surely guilty of letting my rapid mind steal my joy. However, I know it doesn’t have to be that way. God wants us to enjoy life. We will grow older and look back and wish that we wouldn’t have wasted so much time worrying about things that really didn’t matter. When I look back at rough patches in my life, I can truly say on this day that I made it through. With each trial and obstacle, we will make it through. Rough patches are meant to strengthen us and many times remind us that we have to rely on Him to help us through and most importantly find joy. We can choose to go through those rough seasons stressed out or joyful paying attention to the lesson(s) we should be learning from the situation.

I remember praying for patience and then getting so frustrated when I was presented with circumstances that made me rely on patience. Time after time failed attempt after failed attempt it finally clicked. Slow down Gloria God is teaching you to be patient. I learned not to get consumed by the situation and evaluate the moment. In doing so I found a joy in realizing that God cared enough to listen to my prayer and was attempting to teach me about patience.

Every day of our life is not going to be easy, but every day can be joyful if we make the decision. We have to be intentional and determined to find joy every day. God says it’s possible. I encourage you to slow down when you’re feeling overwhelmed and find something to be grateful about. Change your mind to focus on joyful thoughts. Don’t rob yourself of happiness. Life does not have to be bitter. If focusing on the day is too much, stop and choose to focus on the moment.

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