Do you want to be here, or do you want to be AWARE?

This was a big revelation for me a couple weeks ago. I had been reading the Purpose Driven Life for about the tenth attempt and just really seeking God’s purpose for my life overall. I know God is pulling me, but I don’t have a clear direction so I’ve been on a mission. I’m tired of just living. I want to live on purpose each and every day. I want to make sure that my actions are aligning with my dreams. A dream is only a wish without action.

One night I was home alone and looking forward to a nice relaxing bath reading the next day in my book. I first stood in the mirror and began to pray that I got something out of this solitude. Suddenly, I felt aware in a way like never before and my Spirit whispered, “do you want to be here or do you want to be aware?’ I cried and pleaded God I want to be aware.

I got in the bath and began reading. Unlike any time before the words were jumping off the page. I understood very clearly how I was supposed to apply the principles to my life. It was not very comfortable as there was a lot of conviction and God telling me how I could be better in ways I necessarily didn’t want to hear. However, I was so in awe of the heightened sense of awareness and paid attention with a desire to try.

In my six and a half years of seeking a relationship with the Most High I never before had such a clear sense of direction. It was so exciting! In reading, God was showing me how busy our minds can be that we often miss out on what is right in front of us. I often have to stop myself and say Gloria slow down. I may be still in the physical, but my mind is in a million places that I feel like I’m going a 100 mph. How can we focus on what’s in front of us or what God is trying to teach us in the moment if we are too busy in thought? Thoughts of what if, thoughts of worry, thoughts of what’s next. It’s not fair to ourselves. In this moment I prayed for the determination to stay aware. It is truly something we have to be intentional about because the enemy does not want us still.

When we are still God can pour into us like no other. He can teach us valuable lessons. When we are still He can keep us from making a poor decision or refrain from saying the wrong thing. Man… when we are still there is so much God can do to, for and through us. The spiritual realm becomes so much closer. You see that what we focus on is usually irrelevant and so unnecessary. God’s purpose is so much bigger than what we can fathom. I encourage us all to try our hardest to stay aware as much as possible and watch out for all God wants to teach and show us. I just researched and confirmed exactly what God said: once you have established this awareness, you will see life from an entirely different perspective. You will want all God has planned for you and you will find it easier to stay away from things that don’t bring fruition to your purpose. STAY AWARE, and don’t just be here!


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