It’s Not About What You’ve Done But What You Do…

Lord thank You that each new moment is new. Thank You Lord that each new second is another chance. There’s no need to dwell on what was done. Focus on what can be done right now. 

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out another curve ball comes your way. Don’t let it throw you off track instead press harder. Ask God for direction!

Parenting is deep. My daughter is ten and has things on her mind that has blew my mind. My first thought was to blame myself for all that I have exposed her to. I blamed myself for who her father is. I blamed myself for…. blah blah blah. The devil is a liar!!! Lord take the wheel and help me tune into my daughters like never before. Help me to focus on what I can do from this moment forward. I can not control what has already been done. I can only control what I do next. 

Lord the only thing I know to do right now is write. One day a lot of women will be following my blog and I want them to know they are not alone. I want to provide an example of what to do when it gets rough. 

When it gets tough, PRAY!! Praying is not a specific script. Vent, talk, express yourself and trust that God is actively listening like no one else can. After it all, sit and listen. God, what are you telling me? God, what am I supposed to learn? Seek ways to be better. Life is about growth. Life is about change. If you have the desire to be better, you got the first step down. 

We are not supposed to have all the answers. If we did we would not need God!! Remember it’s not about what you’ve done. Just focus on what you can do next to be better. What’s done is done, and some how we must know there was a purpose behind those choices that have already been made. Remember a mistake is only a mistake if you keep making it. Once you know better now you have the responsibility to do better! 

Lord, I pray that I have the motivation and desire to do all that you have revealed to me. I am a queen raising queens. You have entrusted that duty to me and I do not take it lightly. I love You and I thank You for always being right there when I need You! In Jesus name, Amen……

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